Getting Started in IoT using the Google Cloud

Last updated May 19, 2019 ∼ 40 minutes


The current state of Internet of Things is quite intimidating – you’ve got over a dozen different ways to get your data to the cloud, hundreds of different cloud providers providing you with their cloud, and virtually limitless ways of developing and deploying your IoT application.

Around a year ago, I thought this industry was something that was impossible to get into, but yet here I am currently working on IoT prototypes. Come along and we’ll see how easy it is to get data into “the cloud” and stick around for some helpful pointers.


This talk will be a hardware walkthrough, where a boxed-up development board will be unboxed on stage and setup to securely transmit temperature data to a sample web application.

A Texas Instruments LaunchPad development board with on-board Wi-Fi running Mongoose OS will be used for the talk. Google Cloud Platform will be used as well, using services such as Cloud IoT Core, Pub/Sub, Dataflow, Datastore and App Engine.

You will get a brief rundown of the current state of IoT during the talk and will get to see a very tiny slice of it with plenty of pointers for other similar technologies for future research.